The patient experience surveys have been paused for the May 2020 round due to COVID-19. 

We are currently updating all of our survey documentation to reflect a change in the survey provider and the data collection and reporting systems. These will be available on this website in due course.

Primary care patient experience survey results

About the survey

The primary care patient experience survey is designed to find out what patients’ experience in primary care is like and how their overall care is managed between their general practice, diagnostic services, specialists, and or hospital staff. The information will be used to improve the quality of service delivery and patient safety.

Patient feedback is voluntary and anonymous.


The results are presented in an interactive format. View them here. Survey results are captured for individual general practices, but for this purpose are grouped according to the district health board (DHB) where the practice is physically located.

Survey responses are reported in four domains of patient experience:

  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Partnership
  • Physical and emotional needs.

Together, these domains make up good patient experience.

Please note survey results are intended for comparison of DHB results with national averages. They are not intended for comparison between DHBs.   

What each tab represents

The results viewer has three tabs:

  • Domain scores by ethnicity. This shows the domain scores for each DHB on a dot chart. The national average score for each domain is displayed as a red line. The colour of the dot changes depending on whether it is significantly lower, not significantly different or significantly higher than the national average score. The significance is calculated using confidence intervals and estimates of variance. If there are a small numbers of responses for a question the variance around the true average score can be large, which can explain why some large drops or rises are not statistically significant. These charts can be filtered by ethnicity. DHB scores are not displayed if fewer than 30 people responded.
  • The three highest-scoring questions nationally. The result presented is the percentage of respondents who answered most positively to that question.
  • The three lowest-scoring questions nationally. The result presented is the percentage of respondents who answered most positively to that question.
How to use the tool

The tool tabs can be navigated by clicking the green tabs at the top. Once on a tab hovering over a dot will provide a tooltip of information.

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Last updated 01/04/2020