A privacy impact assessment (PIA) has been undertaken for the primary care patient experience survey (PES). The report addresses the impact that the PES and reporting may have on individual privacy.

It identifies potential areas of risk for breaches of privacy and outlines the strategies that will be in place to mitigate the risk. At the same time, the report also indicates to stakeholders that due diligence has been carried out to assess and minimise potential areas of risk along with compliance with the information privacy principles.

Currently all district health boards, primary healthcare organisations, general practices, the Commission and the national survey system provider have processes in place to ensure the privacy of information. We take privacy seriously.

The ability to design system architecture which addresses actual or potential privacy concerns is dependent, to some extent, on early identification of privacy issues and where risks lie. With this in mind we prepared an ‘interim’ privacy assessment covered the pilot phase of the survey.

When the survey system design was finalised and implemented nationally, the PIA was updated and a final report made available (see below). This report was reviewed by the Privacy Commissioner and was found to appropriately mitigate potential privacy impacts.

As part of the process to transition to a new survey provider, the PIA is being updated. The updated PIA will be made available in due course.

Last updated 19/02/2020