A Window on the Quality of New Zealand’s Health Care (November 2015)

10 Dec 2015 | Health Quality Intelligence

New Zealanders expect and deserve safe health care of the highest quality. We have a complex health care system that helps prevent and treat illness every day, and provides care to those reaching the end of their life.

This report looks at currently available measures within a framework for understanding quality and considers ‘How good is New Zealand’s health care?’ It seeks to create debate around the meaning and interpretation of the data presented, with a view to stimulating initiatives to improve our health and disability services.

Five specific questions are explored.

  • When our patients most need to be safe, are they?
  • Is the experience of patients being cared for in our system good?
  • Is care effective, with the right care providing good outcomes?
  • Do we provide an equitable system with good health care for all, regardless of sex, ethnicity, age or income?
  • Does our system provide good value for money – does it avoid waste and deliver good outcomes for the resources used?

Download a copy of the report below.

Last updated 29/09/2021