Patient experience survey: General practice guide to getting started

23 Aug 2016 | Health Quality Intelligence

Here’s what you need to do to get started with the primary care patient experience survey. Key actions are highlighted in italics.

Also see: Patient experience survey: resources.

If you choose to start using the new survey to capture and measure your patients’ experiences, here is what you need to do:

  1. Advise your PHO that you wish to participate and nominate your key contact person.
  2. Provide your PHO with the name and contact details you wish to appear on the survey invitation email, SMS and online survey, and your practice logo file (if you have one, if not we’ll use your practice name) by a date agreed with your PHO.
  3. Provide your PHO with the name and email address for where ‘contact requests’ alert emails should be sent by the same date as agreed above. During the pilot our pilot practices only received 0-3 of these per survey.
  4. Cemplicity will send a test email to the nominated email address above to ensure you are receiving emails prior to each survey round, along with instructions to ensure the sender email address is added to ‘safe senders’ and doesn’t go to your spam folder.
  5. You will receive a website link, log in details and easy ‘how to’ instructions for the report portal from your PHO.
  6. Ensure your practice admin team is briefed in advance of the first day of the sample week period. The documents at the bottom of this page should assist them:
    • The staff guidance document will assist the administration team to understand how the survey works.
    • put up the poster in visible areas by the time the survey sample period starts..
    • If you have a screen in the practice where you can show slides, you can show our survey slide. You may also prefer this slide as a poster.
    • During the survey sample week period hand out a copy of the survey flyer to all patients 15 years and over. The survey flyers will be sent to you by your PHO.
    • Follow the instructions to activate patient preferences in your PMS. Be active in asking for patients’ preferred email and cell phone contacts, especially email addresses. Individual rather than family email addresses are preferable. You don’t have to update every enrolled patient, just focus on people you see during the sample period. Email has a significantly better survey response rate than SMS and a higher response rate provides you more valuable information.
  1. You might choose to text your patients seen during the sample week to give them a reminder they may receive a survey invitation. This is completely up to you.
  2. Once the survey ‘goes live’ two weeks following the survey sample week period, you’ll be able to login to your report portal and view real-time patient experience measures and comments. Please refer to Cemplicity’s easy ‘how to’ quick guide below.

Last updated 19/01/2020