Patient experience survey: PHO guide to getting started

23 Aug 2016 | Health Quality Intelligence

Here’s what you need to do to get started with the primary care patient experience survey. Key actions are highlighted in italics.

Also see: Patient experience survey: resources.

PHOs can determine their own internal process to rollout the national survey across their contracted network of practices. You might send a blanket email to all practices offering them a copy of the ‘Practice getting started’ guide or take a slower phased approach. You will however need to meet a number of key implementation dates.

  1. Each PHO needs to manage their own implementation across their contracted practices, including responding to practice queries. You will need to advise Cemplicity who your nominated “survey administrator” is and IT key contact.
  2. Once you have decided your implementation approach we recommend you provide copies of the ‘Practice getting started’ guide to interested practices as soon as possible.
  3. Practices will need to send to you:
    1. name and contact details they wish to appear on the email, sms and survey
    2. practice logo file (if they have one, if not we’ll use their practice name)
    3. name and email address for where ‘contact request’ alerts should be sent to.
  4. Practices need flyers to ensure patients are informed of the survey during sample week. This is an important aspect of ensuring patient privacy, refer to the privacy impact assessment for more detail. A version of the flyer suitable for print professionals is available on the resources page.
  5. A collated file of the practice information (3.1–3.3 above) must be with Cemplicity ( a week before the survey sample week starts. Please download the template below.
  6. Cemplicity will send a test email to the nominated email address in 3.3 above to ensure practices are receiving emails prior to each survey round.
  7. Cemplicity will create the initial log in access for each practice and PHO and provide these details (website link, how to create an icon on desktop, log in details) to the PHO to be distributed to the practices by the PHO. The PHO will be provided instructions and functionality so they can add and delete users at their PHO and practices in future.
  8. Cemplicity will provide system documentation (easy ‘how to’ quick guide and full manual), training and support prior to the first survey for survey administrators at PHOs by phone or online meetings.
  9. The Commission will provide generic media statements that you can use locally to encourage patients to respond to the survey. These need to be released around the time the survey invitations are sent.
  10. Once the survey ‘goes live’ two weeks following the survey sample week period, you’ll be able to login to your report portal and view real-time patient experience measures and comments.

Last updated 07/12/2019