The Infection Prevention and Control programme aims to reduce the number of infections people get while being treated for a health problem. In 2003 it was estimated the annual cost of treating patients with infections picked up while in hospital was approximately $140 million. This doesn’t take into account the cost to the patient and family in delayed recovery times, extra doctor visits and time off work.

Infection prevention and control is everyone’s business and responsibility, whether you are a patient, family member or a health care professional.

Our projects will give you some ideas and strategies to avoid the harm caused by infection. Listen to the stories, take away ideas or email us with your own. Working together, we can ensure healthcare associated infections are reduced across the entire health care sector.

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is currently working on two projects in this area:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Surgical site infection improvement – current programme includes surveillance for orthopaedic and cardiac surgery in public hospitals.

Last updated 03/10/2018