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Clean hands save lives

4 May 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

Today (5 May) is World Hand Hygiene Day and the Commission says it is a good reminder of the importance of good hand hygiene in the fight against preventable healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

Christchurch ICU achieves 100 CLAB Zero days

18 Apr 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

Christchurch Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit has reached an important landmark in its campaign to reduce the number of central line associated bacteraemia (CLAB) infections to zero

Target CLAB Zero March
Target CLAB Zero newsletter now out

28 Mar 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

Target CLAB Zero is a collaborative project that aims to reduce the rate of central line associated bacteraemia in intenisve care units to zero by 2013. This is the project's first newsletter.

Hand Hygiene NZ workshop for gold auditors

10 Feb 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

Hand Hygiene New Zealand will facilitate a training workshop for gold auditors in conjunction with Hand Hygiene Australia

Infectious disease challenges over past centuries

9 Feb 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

New England Journal of Medicine article takes a look at public health efforts to understand, treat, control, and prevent infectious diseases over the past two centuries.

New hand hygiene website

16 Nov 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

CLEAN HANDS SAVE LIVES New website promotes hand hygiene patient safety message

Pillow case colour helps reduce infection

22 Oct 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

The colour of pillowcases at hospitals in Canterbury is helping to reduce the risk of infection and at the same time respect Maori cultural values.

Hospital privacy curtains laden with germs

26 Sep 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

Reuters: The privacy curtains that separate care spaces in hospitals and clinics are frequently contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria, researchers said in Chicago this week.

Nurses key to health quality and safety

11 May 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

Nurses are at the forefront of quality and safety issues in health care settings, and are quality improvement leaders within the clinical team, says Dr Janice Wilson, Chief Executive of the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

World Hand Hygiene Day - Clean Hands Save Lives

5 May 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

The Health Quality & Safety Commission says World Hand Hygiene Day is a timely reminder of the importance of clean hands in combating healthcare-acquired infections.