Your shot for questions: Let’s discuss the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Event start: 9 Nov 2021 2:00pm
  • Event end: 9 Nov 2021 3:00pm
  • Location: Zoom

This free event is for aged residential care staff, home and community support staff and others who want more information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Register here

Join us for a short presentation and an opportunity to have your questions answered by experts from the Immunisation Advisory Centre. We will cover facts about the COVID-19 (Pfizer) vaccine in Aotearoa New Zealand – efficacy, safety, who is eligible, what it contains and commonly asked questions. 

  • Presentation from the Immunisation Advisory Committee
  • Question and answers

Sally Schnauer is a New Zealand registered pharmacist working for the Immunisation Advisory Centre. She provides education and support to organisations that are promoting and administering COVID-19 vaccinations. She has experience in the health education sector and a special interest in supporting vaccination while respecting the values and diversities of people.

Aimee Brass is a New Zealand registered nurse working with the Immunisation Advisory Centre in the COVID-19 vaccine education programme. She is passionate about education and working with multidisciplinary teams to improve health outcomes in the community through vaccination and knowledge. She has a background in clinical nursing education, emergency nursing and primary care.

Sally Schnauer

Sally Schnauer

Aimee Brass

Aimee Brass

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