National Hand Hygiene New Zealand report released (July–October 2017)

6 Dec 2017 | Infection Prevention & Control

The latest Hand Hygiene NZ performance report for 1 July to 31 October 2017 has been published on the Hand Hygiene New Zealand website.

Achievements in this audit period:

  • Thirteen DHBs achieved at or above the national target of 80 percent compared with 16 in the previous audit period.
  • Ten DHBs maintained or improved their compliance rate compared with the previous audit period.
  • Eighteen out of 20 DHBs met the minimum requirement of moments.
  • There are continual improvements being made in the areas where patients at high risk of infection are cared for, including emergency departments.
  • Hand hygiene compliance and glove use has also continued to improve for before gloves are put on, and when gloves are taken off.

Last updated 06/12/2017