Hand hygiene video competition: $1000 for winning team’s charity of choice

13 Jun 2012 | Infection Prevention & Control

Do you have what it takes to produce a fun but educational video to promote the importance of good hand hygiene in a hospital setting?

If you do, you could be in the running to win one of our great prizes - $1000 for your charity of choice or $200 of cinema tickets!

HHNZ is calling for teams of District Health Board health care workers to script, film and submit a video that highlights the importance of good hand hygiene practice, as well as the five moments approach.

“Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures in the fight against healthcare associated infections, making it a key patient safety issue within New Zealand hospitals,” says Dr Joshua Freeman, Clinical Lead of the HHNZ programme.

“This competition is about encouraging teamwork and collaboration, through which healthcare workers will learn about the importance of hand hygiene to patient safety, as well as when hand hygiene should be performed."

HHNZ encourages teams to think outside the box and come up with compelling, fun, and innovative ways to promote the importance of good hand hygiene among healthcare workers in our hospitals.

An ideal hand hygiene video will:

  • highlight the importance of hand hygiene to patient safety in New Zealand hospitals  through the reduction of hospital associated infections
  • demonstrate the 5 moments approach to hand hygiene
  • involve as many individuals in your ward/unit/service area as possible
  • excite and motivate viewers (and those who took part) to improve hand hygiene.

Videos will be judged by the HHNZ programme team and a representative from the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

The winning team will receive $1000 for their health-related charity of choice and will also be profiled in the November issue of The Clean Hands Chronicle. Videos will be made available via the HHNZ website.

The competition opened for entries on 05 May (World Hand Hygiene Day) and closes at 5pm on Friday 31 August 2012.

More information, competition guidelines and an entry form can be found the news section of the HHNZ website – and on the competition flyer.

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at the following hand hygiene videos via the links below; they might just spark some ideas when planning your own video:

The WHO 5 hand hygiene rap  

30 second hands

Gotta be clean: Hand hygiene music video

The Scottish Government hand hygiene video

O les mains

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