New hand hygiene website

16 Nov 2011 | Infection Prevention & Control

A new website that aims to increase awareness among hospital healthcare workers about the importance of hand hygiene to patient safety has just been launched as part of the Hand Hygiene New Zealand programme.

The website – www.handhygiene.org.nz – hosts an array of educational materials, news, events information, and resources such as promotional materials and videos, all designed to educate and raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene, while increasing healthcare workers’ understanding about when each of the five moments of hand hygiene should be performed.

The website has also been designed to assist District Health Board hand hygiene coordinators, by drawing together key information and resources to assist the implementation of their own DHB’s hand hygiene programme.

Dr Joshua Freeman, Clinical Lead for Hand Hygiene New Zealand said, “improving hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers is one of the simplest, cheapest and effective measures to reduce healthcare associated infections. Hand hygiene practice should therefore be considered one of the key priorities for improving patient safety in New Zealand’s hospitals.

“The message conveyed through the Hand Hygiene New Zealand website is simple: Clean hands save lives. The information published on the website reinforces this message, and provides practical tools to support hand hygiene improvement initiatives within individual  hospitals.”

Hand Hygiene New Zealand is one component of the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Infection Prevention and Control programme, which aims to reduce healthcare associated infections.

For more information visit www.handhygiene.org.nz

Last updated 30/07/2018