Peripheral intravenous catheters are the most commonly used intravenous devices in hospitals. Patients frequently receive these devices for administration of medications, fluids, and/or blood products in addition to blood sampling. Bloodstream infections and other complications due to peripheral intravenous catheters are a risk and can result in serious injury and significant morbidity.

PIVC infographicAn infographic was developed in collaboration between the Commission, Intravenous Nursing New Zealand Incorporated Society (IVNNZ), and Infection Prevention and Control Nursing College (IPCNC) to raise awareness of the opportunities for improvement related to peripheral lines.

There are adult and paediatric posters in both landscape and portrait orientations that can be downloaded and printed as A4 and A3 size. It is recommended that you download, print, and post them in clinical and staff areas around your hospital.

There is also an option to have A3 size sent to you from the Commission. These can be ordered here:

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Last updated 26/09/2018