SSI webinar 5: Consumer engagement

27 Mar 2014 | Infection Prevention & Control

As part of campaign activity for Open for better care, a series of webinars are being held.

This recording of webinar 5: consumer engaement, is a great opportunity to hear consumers and clinicians discuss the merits of and practical tips on how to support consumer engagement in reducing the risk of SSI.

Our presenters include:

  • Chris Walsh on the what, why and how of consumer engagement in health services and SSI
  • Kelly Vince on raising the profile of consumer engagement among clinicians and the benefits of working with patients to reduce the risk of infection
  • Owen Ashwell on opportunities to engage with patients during their perioperative experience
  • a panel discussion led by Chris – what are the opportunities to be part of reducing your own risk of SSI?
  • working with consumers to develop patient information – ‘Preventing Surgical Site Infection’
  • Kula Alapaki on the information Pacific peoples need before surgery on reducing the risk of a SSI
  • Geoff Cardwell on involvement as a consumer representative – what do consumers bring to the table

The full recording of the webinar is available by clicking the link below – please note this is a very large file and may take some time to load.

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