Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) cause significant morbidity and mortality but currently we do not know their frequency and cost in New Zealand. The Health Quality & Safety Commission is currently conducting a national point prevalence survey (PPS), to establish the burden of HAIs in New Zealand.

A PPS involves reviewing patient medical records to determine how many and what type of HAIs are present on the day of the survey. Surveillance of HAIs is fundamental to any infection prevention and control programme and provides data to inform decisions on where to focus quality improvement activity at the local and national level.

This will be the first time a HAI survey of this type has been conducted in New Zealand and the results of the survey will inform our future work plan.

The results will show rates by ethnicity and can be used to identify any ethnic disparities in HAI prevalence to reduce inequities.

At the conclusion of the National PPS, an individual & national report will be made available to participating DHBs with aggregated results being published internationally.

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Last updated 17/05/2021