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Revised national medication charts available

12 Jul 2012, Medication Safety

The revised charts, incorporating feedback from DHBs, paediatric consultation and the pilot of the long stay chart, will be available this month.

Electronic prescribing rolled out

8 Jun 2012, Medication Safety

Health Minister Tony Ryall visits Dunedin Hospital to congratulate staff and see the electronic prescribing scheme in action. The new scheme is being rolled out to all Southern DHB hospitals.

Error prone poster 220

28 May 2012, Medication Safety

The error prone abbreviations poster has been revised to highlight abbreviations, symbols and dose designations which have been reported internationally as being frequently misinterpreted and involved in harmful medication errors.

UK study finds one in 20 prescriptions contain errors

16 May 2012, Medication Safety

Researchers examining prescriptions from GP practices in England found that while most errors were classed as mild to moderate, one in 550 prescriptions contained a serious error.

eReferral takes it up a notch

18 Apr 2012, Medication Safety

The Emergency Department at Waikato Hospital is now receiving electronic referrals from general practices in the Midlands Health Network.

First issue of Medication Safety Watch Out Now

28 Feb 2012, Medication Safety

Includes information about medicine-related incidents, errors and adverse drug reactions, their implications and offers recommendations on how to improve medication safety

DVD on IT health solutions

24 Feb 2012, Medication Safety

This short DVD from the Health IT Cluster looks at how smart IT solutions are working at the front line of healthcare to support doctors, nurses and patients.