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Adverse drug reaction reporting in primary care

18 Jul 2016, Medication Safety

The NZ Pharmacovigilance Centre (NZPhvC) and the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) are working together to get a better sense of the safety of primary care medication systems.

April 2016 'Medication Safety Watch' out now

12 Apr 2016, Medication Safety

The April 2016 edition of Medication Safety Watch is now available online. This bulletin is for health professionals and health care managers working with medicines or patient safety.

Safety Signal ADR
New Safety Signal released

2 Oct 2015, Medication Safety

The latest Safety Signal discussed the risk of serious adverse drug reactions.

Medical ID bracelet incident timely med safety reminder

14 Sep 2015, Medication Safety

A recent case of a patient prescribed trimethoprim despite a MedicAlert® bracelet warning is a timely reminder of the importance of checking for previous allergies and adverse drug reaction

IHI team to support opioid collaborative

7 May 2015, Medication Safety

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s opioid collaborative team has been working closely with district health board (DHB) teams, to ensure baselines are established and improvement initiatives can be measured.