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Medication Safety programme update

25 Jun 2014, Medication Safety

The Commission is planning a three-year medication safety improvement programme on high-risk medicines across primary and secondary care settings, with an initial focus on reducing harm from opioids (eg, morphine and oxycodone) in secondary care.

Metoprolol draft alert: feedback requested

14 Apr 2014, Medication Safety

The Medication Safety Expert Advisory Group is developing a full alert to supplement the safety signal issued in October 2012 on oral metoprolol administration.

New day stay national medication chart

13 Dec 2013, Medication Safety

A new day stay national medication chart is available to order from 16 December 2013. The day stay chart is intended for use in areas where patients are undergoing treatment or procedures when the length of stay is likely to be less than six hours.

New Zealand Tall Man lettering list now available

9 Dec 2013, Medication Safety

The New Zealand Tall Man lettering list is now available. The NZ list includes look-alike, sound-alike medicine names that have been predicted to pose the greatest risk to patient safety.

Unsafe naming, labelling and packaging of medicines

4 Nov 2013, Medication Safety

The International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) recognises unsafe medicines naming, labelling and packaging as an ongoing global threat to patient safety which requires a collaborative approach.

The physician's role in medicine reconciliation

15 Jul 2013, Medication Safety

This resource from the Americal Medical Association provides an excellent framework for doctors to understand their personal roles and responsibilities within medicine reconciliation.

COWs boosting patient safety

19 Jun 2013, Medication Safety

Health Minister Tony Ryall visited North Shore Hospital yesterday to see first-hand how hospital doctors and nurses prescribe and administer medication electronically using mobile computers.

New Zealand Tall Man lettering list

13 May 2013, Medication Safety

Work on the Tall Man lettering list has started. Over 280 pairs of confusable medicines names have been submitted by health professionals and organisations in New Zealand for review.

May 2013 'Medication Safety Watch' out now

10 May 2013, Medication Safety

The May 2013 edition of the Medication Safety Watch is now available. This bulletin is for health professionals and health care managers working with medicines or patient safety.