Med Safety Pamphlets 2

New medication safety pamphlets

29 Oct 2011 | Medication Safety

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has produced two pamphlets:

-          ‘Making sure you are taking the right medicines: An important guide for people coming into hospital’

-          ‘Medicine reconciliation: A guide for health professionals.’

These support the Commission’s Medication Safety programme by raising awareness of the importance of medicine reconciliation and the process involved in reconciling a patient’s medicines.

The pamphlets have been tested for health literacy levels, with consumer representatives, Quality and Risk Managers and clinical leads for medicine reconciliation within District Health Boards (DHBs).

There is space in the pamphlets for DHBs to add their own logo on the back page and include a photo of their own hospital staff. 

The patient version is intended for people who are going into hospital or who are already in hospital. These can be distributed in GP clinics and hospitals.

The version for health professionals can be distributed wherever it might be useful as a training tool or reminder about the process, such as undergraduate teaching programmes or as part of a training package for hospitals introducing or expanding medicine reconciliation.

Where to get copies

PDF versions are attached.

The Commission only holds a small number of printed pamphlets. DHBs are encouraged to add their own logo to the pamphlet and arrange printing through their preferred supplier.

Please contact Nirasha Parsotam by email at for any queries about the pamphlets.

Last updated 28/02/2017