Electronic capture of dispensing data by the NZ Intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme - consultation study

8 Apr 2011 | Medication Safety

A study has found there is a high level of support from New Zealand pharmacists for electronic capture of prescription dispensing data for medicines monitored by the New Zealand Intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme (IMMP). This electronic method will now be implemented. Development of such systems is important for enhancing patient safety and pharmacovigilance programmes worldwide.

Consultation with a randomly selected group of 100 community pharmacists and all 28 hospital pharmacies in New Zealand was conducted by postal survey. A specific questionnaire was designed to obtain pharmacists' views on several aspects of electronic data transmission including willingness to co-operate with a new system, awareness of other electronic systems and views on security.

Survey response rates were 95 percent for community pharmacists and 73 percent for hospital pharmacists. Ninety (95 percent) of the community pharmacists and 18 (95 percent) of the hospital pharmacists who responded stated they would use the IMMP proposed method of electronic data transmission. Some 91 percent of community pharmacists and 100 percent of hospital pharmacists considered the proposed new method would be equally or more secure than the present hard-copy system of posting dispensing records.

Last updated 06/01/2012