Medication Safety programme update

24 Jul 2014 | Medication Safety

The Commission's Medication Safety programme is working across a number of areas in the second half of 2014 – below is an update from the programme covering the national medication safety forum, the Open for better care campaign focus, safe use of opioids collaborative, quality and safety markers for electronic medicine reconciliation and the programme's clinical lead.

National medication safety forum – 16 October 2014

To launch the high-risk medicines topic for the Open for better care campaign and the safe use of opioids national collaborative, the Health Quality & Safety Commission will be hosting a medication safety forum on 16 October 2014 in Wellington. This is a chance to hear about innovations and future directions for medication safety and we are delighted to confirm Professor Richard Day as the keynote speaker. A flyer and information about registration can be found here.

Open for better care campaign focus

The high-risk medicines campaign topic will promote the case for change, general principles for reducing harm from high-risk medicines and the importance of partnering with patients and their families. This is an opportunity for all clinicians to take part in the campaign during the focus period of October 2014 to March 2015.

Safe use of opioids national collaborative

The Commission has now established an expert faculty to advise the collaborative on potential interventions to reduce harm. The faculty will guide the development of interventions and measures for quality improvement. Faculty members include palliative care specialists, pain practitioners, anaesthetists, medication safety and quality improvement specialists.

The Commission is holding four regional teleconferences with district health board (DHB) staff this month to discuss the collaborative which is due to start in October 2014. Further information and an invitation to learning session zero will be sent out soon.

Please note that the national medication safety forum is different to these regional learning sessions which are scheduled for late October 2014.

Quality and safety markers – electronic medicine reconciliation

Proposed quality and safety markers for medication safety to cover electronic medicine reconciliation have been sent out to chief executives and quality & risk managers for feedback. Unlike other areas these markers will be separate from the Open campaign medication safety topic. The sector will be kept up to date with ongoing development.

Clinical lead

It is with regret that we farewell Dr Mary Seddon from the roles of Clinical Lead for medication safety and Chair of the national Medication Safety Expert Advisory Group. Mary has been a tremendous contributor to patient safety initiatives in New Zealand for many years – particularly in the medication safety area. She was involved in the work of the safe and quality use of medicines programme, the Quality Improvement Committee, Counties Manukau DHB and with the Commission’s national medication safety programme since it began.

We have been privileged to have Mary work with us; her wisdom, knowledge and leadership have been highly valued. Mary begins her new role as Executive Director – Research, Education and Clinical Governance at Ipswich Hospital in Brisbane in late-July. We wish Mary all the best for the future. 

New clinical lead appointments will be announced shortly.


Last updated 28/07/2014