Update from the Medication Safety programme: August 2014

20 Aug 2014 | Medication Safety

Medication safety forum 

The medication safety forum on 16 October 2014 is a chance to hear about innovations and future directions in medication safety. This free forum provides opportunities to network and explore current practice. It will also mark the launch of the Open for better care campaign focus on high-risk medicines.

Professor Richard Day from the University of New South Wales and St Vincent’s Hospital is the keynote speaker and we are pleased to confirm other speakers include Graeme Osborne (National Health IT Board), Dr Beven Telfer (Safety in Practice collaborative) and Dr Martin Wilson (Pegasus Health). Registrations are open on our website – we look forward to seeing you there.

Open for better care campaign

The focus of the Open for better care campaign will shift to medication safety from October 2014, with an emphasis on reducing harm from high-risk medicines. There will be five featured topics with webinars and resources and it will run until April 2015. A series of one-step activities on opioids, anticoagulants, insulin, oral methotrexate and potassium chloride will give clinicians an opportunity to identify improvements for patient safety. This is an opportunity for all clinicians to take part in the campaign.

Safe use of opioids collaborative

The safe use of opioids collaborative starts in October 2014 and will run for 18 months. The Commission’s medication safety team has held regional teleconferences with district health board (DHB) staff to prepare for the first collaborative learning sessions in October. The dates and venues for these regional sessions are being finalised. An expert faculty has been appointed to identify interventions that DHBs can choose to work on during the collaborative.

Metoprolol alert

The Commission recently issued an alert recommending no adult patient is prescribed metoprolol 11.875mg. This is to reduce the risk of inadvertent administration of a potentially fatal 118.75mg dose.

Last updated 20/08/2014