CSC and Medtech collaborate on health care logistics innovation in New Zealand

12 Nov 2014 | Medication Safety

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a global leader in next-generation IT services and solutions, and Medtech Global are collaborating to transform clinically driven logistics in New Zealand’s health care system. By enabling patients and primary care physicians to more quickly and accurately orchestrate the complex array of resource policies of secondary care and other providers, CSC and Medtech will deliver substantial improvements in efficiency, outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction in the health care process.

Effective logistics management has been a source of extraordinary improvements and efficiencies in many industries. The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest in the UK, achieved positive outcomes across a number of areas by focusing on health care logistics and the implementation of CSC’s UltraGenda enterprise resource management. Results cited a significant four percent reduction in do-not-attends (DNAs), patient journeys orchestrated according to care pathways, more accurate billing, and referral management integrated with bookings. Within the respiratory department the introduction of UltraGenda enabled staff to look systematically at what was available and without making changes to the service, the department generated an additional 50 percent capacity.

Accessible from within Medtech software, CSC's UltraGenda provides health care professionals the opportunity to plan and execute resource allocation specifically driven by the patient’s clinical context, from the very beginning of the patient journey. Primary care doctors can now directly participate in the coordination of schedules and resources throughout the patient journey with full confidence that clinical and administrative protocols and preferences of the secondary care facility are respected. Together, doctors and patients can view and book appointments, according to best practice care pathways.

“Collectively, CSC and Medtech are bringing significant benefits to almost every stakeholder in the care journey from clinicians to administrators to patients,” said Byron Phillips, healthcare solutions director. “We are delivering new levels of resource visibility and planning capability across the health care system, and we are initiating this capability far earlier in the patient’s health care journey. In doing so, we are challenging the very processes that impede transformation and make the case for improving care models through next-generation information technology.”

“This collaboration between CSC and Medtech will facilitate improved alignment between primary care and secondary care to delivery better patient outcomes,” said Vino Ramayah, Medtech’s chief executive officer. “Our mutual customers will have the opportunity to plan and execute resource allocation according to best practice clinical guidelines, centred on the patient from the beginning of the patient journey in primary care."

“While significant investment has been made and continues to be made to consolidate the patient record, health care's greatest sustainability issues remain and relate more to improving the planning and coordination of the many other resources across the patient journey,” says Phillips.

“This seamless integration of CSC’s UltraGenda is enabled by Medtech’s ManageMyHealth solution suite. Furthermore, the integration with clinical pathway tools like Map of Medicine with CSC’s UltraGenda, which is centred on the patient, takes coordination between primary and secondary care to a whole new level to enhance the overall patient journey,” said Sanjeewa Samaraweera, Medtech’s Head of Solution Sales.

CSC and Medtech will be demonstrating this solution at Health Informatics New Zealand (HINZ) 2014 conference to help attendees understand how district health boards and regions can make improvements while leveraging current hospital and primary care investments.

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Last updated 12/11/2014