New mascot helps MidCentral medication safety programme

9 Jul 2015 | Medication Safety

Thinking outside the square has seen a big increase in interest and involvement in MidCentral District Health Board’s (DHB) medication safety programme, and helped them gain a new mascot to boot.

As part of the launch of their year-long safety campaign, staff were encouraged to suggest a name for a stuffed dog often found lurking around the hospital pharmacy.

MidCentral medication safety team pictured with med safety dog, Oscaa.

Lorraine Wellman, chief pharmacist (middle left), and Janine Ingram (middle right) pictured with members of the MidCentral DHB medication safety team.

After the entries were ’pawed over’, the winning name was chosen: Oscaa, which stands for ‘our safe care affects all’, won Janine Ingram a voucher to a local café.

“People certainly enjoyed the competition and what amazed some of the other seasoned campaigners around here was the number of entries we got,” says project coordinator Karen Upston.

“That high level of interest has continued as well.”

They’ve used the awareness of medication safety to focus on the correct administration and use of medicines – with an initial focus on metroprolol and methorexate. MidCentral DHB is hoping to continue that level of interest as it begins quarterly campaigns.

“We want to publicise wider medication safety issues. We’re going to be running a campaign to try to tidy up our ward medication cabinets, focus on labelling issues, things like that,” says Ms Upston.

She says there are plans to use Oscaa in promoting those campaigns, to ensure a high level of involvement by staff – firstly through a treasure hunt.

“By keeping a fun element, we know we will continue to get good engagement.”

Last updated 09/07/2015