National Medication Chart review and design changes

10 Aug 2015 | Medication Safety

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has reviewed and made design changes to the National Medication Chart (NMC).

The review was based on feedback from clinicians since the last review in 2012. Submissions were made via the electronic change register or by direct communication with the Commission's medication safety team.

The main changes to the chart design are:

  • modification of the dose box to remove the dividing line between dose and the dose range if needed
  • changing the position of the oxygen prescribing section so that it is more obvious
  • changing the method of indicating the target oxygen saturation
  • the addition of two mini boxes, replacing the general prescribing instructions, for special care required and supplementary charts to allow this information to be visible to prescribers and administrators at all times
  • the removal of the general prescribing instructions
  • changing the width of the boxes in the intravenous and subcutaneous fluid and infusion record.

A poster highlighting the changes to the chart were sent out to NMC key contacts at all district health boards on Friday 7 August 2015. The NMC user guide has also been updated to reflect the changes.

Find the most up-to-date information about the NMC on our website.

Last updated 29/01/2021