World Health Organization global patient safety challenge – medication safety

16 Dec 2016 | Medication Safety

The World Health Organization’s global patient safety challenge on medication safety will be launched in the first quarter of 2017. The challenge runs for five years and has a bold aim to reduce medication-related harm by 50 percent globally.

It was discussed at the recent International Medication Safety Network meeting in Toronto Canada, where New Zealand was represented. Download a copy of the presentation (847KB, pdf) given by Dr Neelam Dhingra-Kumar at the meeting.

The challenge will address both the number of medication safety-related errors and deaths, and present interventions to reduce the number of errors and the global burden of disease due to unsafe medication practices. The initial focus is on:

  • high-risk medications
  • transitions of care
  • polypharmacy.

Efforts will focus on patients and the public, health professionals, medicines as products, systems, practices, measurement and evaluation.

This work will focus on medication safety globally, as well as locally. The Health Quality & Safety Commission will provide updates as they are available, and will look for opportunities to support and participate in this global effort.

Find out more on the World Health Organization website.

Last updated 10/07/2017