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Consultation on the design of the national medication chart (NMC) to incorporate paediatric specific fields - closing 29 February 2012

20 Feb 2012 | Medication Safety

The NMC has now been implemented in 15 District Health Boards. A general review of the chart design is being undertaken in February/March 2012. Any change requests should have been submitted to your individual District Health Board (DHB). Each DHB has developed their own system for submitting change requests and reviewing those change requests before submission to the national NMC design subcommittee for consideration.

 It is planned that the next version of the NMC will include the addition of specific features requested by paediatric clinicians. The national NMC design subcommittee would appreciate feedback on the proposed features. A series of questions related to the features is attached but please feel free to comment further if required. The resulting chart is not intended to be used in specialist units, such as neonatal intensive care.

If you wish to comment on these draft paediatric design features, please forward comments to Beth Loe by 5pm on 29 February 2012 beth.loe@hqsc.govt.nz.

Last updated 24/02/2012