DVD on IT health solutions

24 Feb 2012 | Medication Safety

This short DVD from the Health IT Cluster  looks at how smart IT solutions are working at the front line of healthcare to support doctors, nurses and patients. 

It includes a look at medication reconciliation, which is integral to reducing medication errors surrounding transfer of care. 

Changes to patients’ medicine often happen when their care is handed over to other health professionals, such as during admission to, transfer or discharge from hospital. Some of these medicine changes are unintentional due to poor information and some are intentional but not clearly documented.  Both types of change can result in medication errors and/or patient harm. 

To reduce medication errors, the Commission’s Medication Safety programme is helping health care organisations implement an evidence-based process called medicine reconciliation, which has been shown to significantly reduce medication errors or medication-related harm. 

Medicine reconciliation is about obtaining the most accurate list of patient medicines, allergies and adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and comparing this with the prescribed medicines and documented allergies and ADRs.  Any discrepancies are then documented and reconciled. 

Other topics covered on the DVD include: 

·        electronic medication records

·        medicine reconciliation

·        electronic appointment reminders

·        shared care

·        electronic referrals

·        clinical decision support

·        health care connectivity

·        practice management software

·        electronic prescribing

·        electronic appointment reminders.

Last updated 28/02/2012