Tall Man lettering list review underway

7 Nov 2019 | Medication Safety

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is reviewing the current Tall Man lettering list and encourages health professionals to submit names of confusing medicine pairs not already on the list, by Friday 15 November 2019.

Tall Man lettering is an error prevention strategy used to reduce the risk of look-alike and sound-alike medicine name errors. Tall Man lettering uses a combination of lower- and upper-case letters to highlight the differences between look-alike and sound-alike medicine names, like fluOXETine and fluVOXAMine, helping to make them more easily distinguishable.

The New Zealand Tall Man lettering list was released in 2013 and is intended for use in software systems where medicines are selected for prescribing, dispensing, administering or as part of a clinical record or clinical task.

For more information about the Tall Man lettering list or to make a submission, contact Susan Melvin for further information.

Last updated 07/11/2019