Revised national medication charts available

12 Jul 2012 | Medication Safety

Earlier this year the review of the national medication chart was completed. The design has since been amended incorporating feedback from DHBs, paediatric consultation and the pilot of the long stay chart.

The main changes are:

  • increased duration from seven to eight days
  • inclusion of a venous thromboembolism section at the top of the regular 1 prescribing page (for adult patients only)
  • inclusion of paediatric requirements
  • dose box design changes (decimal point has been retained)
  • inclusion of features to allow for scanning.

For more information about the revisions to the chart, please see the resource below.

Stock will be available to order on the following dates:

8 day chart – stock is available now

16 day chart for long stay patients - stock will be available from 25 July 2012

1 day chart – this is being developed and will be available in November 2012

Copies of the 16 day charts will be sent to lead DHB contacts as soon as they are available to help with their assessment of which wards will use them.  

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Last updated 28/02/2017