MS Update Aug 12 220

August issue of the National Medication Safety Programme Update now out

23 Aug 2012 | Medication Safety

The third update from the National Medication Safety Programme is now available. In this issue you can read about:

  • the review of the national medication chart and design changes
  • the national chart being developed for the aged residential care sector
  • how junior doctor chart audits are contributing to a drop in medication errors at Wairarapa Hospital
  • development of a measurement and evaluation framework for electronic medicine management initiatives
  • the Partners in Care project
  • Medication Safety Expert Advisory Group Chair Dwayne Crombie’s thoughts on medication safety
  • new National Programme Director eMedicines, Anton Venter
  • the New Zealand Universal List of Medicines
  • the launch of the New Zealand Formulary
  • the latest on the Go for Gold programme
  • achieving targets for medicine reconciliation at admission.

Click the link below to download the Update from our Publications & Resources section.

Last updated 04/02/2013