Pharmacy Today reports e-prescribing to be launched in early 2013

19 Dec 2012 | Medication Safety

Pharmacy Today reports the implementation of the New Zealand Electronic Prescription Service (NZePS) in some pharmacies by the end of February 2013.

The NZePS is beginning a phased implementation and will be rolled-out at first into pharmacies using IT provider HealthSoft’s LOTS, and GP practices using providers My Practice, Intra health and Houston Medical.

NZePS, an initiative by the National Health IT Board, allows prescriptions to be sent electronically to pharmacies, reducing the chance of prescribing and transcription errors. The service will be rolled-out to include prescriptions from hospital outpatient clinics in the future.

GP practices using the Med Tech system and pharmacies using Toniq, which accounts for about 85 percent of pharmacies, will not be included in the February implementation but will come on board at a later date. The project team is working with both vendors as well as with DHBs wanting to send prescriptions electronically such as those generated at discharge. 

Trials for NZePS began in March 2011. The system has been adapted for the New Zealand context, and to ensure that it can support the requirements of the Community Pharmacy Services Agreement.

Pharmacists and GPs are enthusiastic about the system, which means greater transparency around patients’ use of medicines, and efficiency gains for pharmacists and prescribers.

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