Patient information leaflet – taking your medicines safely

This leaflet contains information and advice for patients to ensure they take their medicines safely.

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Look-alike, sound-alike medicines  

The number of medication errors involving medicines that look alike or have similar-sounding names is an ongoing concern.

In 2008, the DHBNZ SQM group held a workshop to bring together manufacturers, regulators, funders and users of medicines (click here for workshop minutes). At the workshop Medsafe committed to establishing an expert advisory group on the labelling and packaging of medicines. However, following a government review of all advisory groups and committees this group could not proceed and Medsafe instead agreed to develop ’best practice’ guidelines relating to the labelling and packaging of medicines.

In August 2011, Medsafe updated the section on the labelling of medicines and related products within the Guideline on the Regulation of Therapeutic Products in New Zealand.

Read the updated section external link.

The Medication Safety Expert Advisory Group will continue discussions with Medsafe on the improvement of labelling and packaging of medicines.

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Last updated 16/02/2017