The collaborative involved four learning sessions and a national workshop.

The first collaborative meetings (often referred to as learning session zero) were held regionally in October and November 2014. These first learning sessions for the safe use of opioids national collaborative were held in all four regions, with team members from district health boards (DHBs) and some private hospitals attending the sessions. The Commission’s national collaborative team shared the aim, vision and direction of the collaborative, and provided an overview of the improvement methodology that will be used. Participants heard from regional clinicians about the successful central line associated bacteraemia (CLAB) collaborative and local opioid management projects, and took part in breakout sessions. The sessions were also an excellent opportunity for networking.

These were followed by learning sessions one, two and three which were held nationally. A national workshop was also held in May 2016.

The learning sessions aimed to support local district health board teams and build knowledge on the methodology, as they test possible interventions that may reduce the harm from opioid use.


Last updated 07/03/2017