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Clinician story: Partners in diabetes care

14 Jan 2015, Medication Safety

This clinician story from a former Clinical Nurse Manager for Diabetes Services at Northland District Health Board, advocates for empowering patients to realise they have a real ability to influence their own health.

John's story: Managing warfarin safely

7 Nov 2014, Medication Safety

Hear John Smith tell his story of how he became seriously ill after taking warfarin and what has changed in the management of his warfarin as a result.

ALERT: Metoprolol

5 Aug 2014, Medication Safety

This alert highlights recommended actions to reduce the risk in adults of 118.75mg oral metoprolol being administered when metoprolol 11.875mg is prescribed.

Medication Safety Watch – Issue 10, June 2014

10 Jun 2014, Medication Safety

Issue 10 of the Medication Safety Watch newsletter, a bulletin for all health professionals and health care managers working with medicines or patient safety.

Measurement and Evaluation Project reports

28 Apr 2014, Medication Safety

A significant piece of work was concluded in 2013 which focussed on measurement and evaluation across the medication safety programme.

Metoprolol oral administration - draft alert

14 Apr 2014, Medication Safety

The Medication Safety Expert Advisory Group is developing a full alert following release of a safety signal issued in October 2012 on oral metoprolol administration.