Take and Tell (patient safety video)

9 Nov 2017 | Medication Safety

As part of the growing resources to support patient safety (in particular the WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge – ‘Medication without Harm’) we are pleased to share a video that profiles the visibility and understanding of what 'pharmacovigilance' is all about.

The video supports a campaign promoted by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) in Sweden to advance the science of pharmacovigilance and inspire patient safety initiatives all over the world.

It is designed to support patients and health professionals in taking a more active role in reporting adverse drug reactions, but this can and should extend to any harms from a medicine, including as a result of a medication error.


Learn more about the UMC below, or click here for further information. 

Uppsala Monitoring Centre: Inspire, engage, transform

The Uppsala Monitoring Centre advances the science of pharmacovigilance and inspires patient safety initiatives all over the world.

As an independent, non-profit foundation, we engage stakeholders who share our vision and collaborate to build a global patient safety culture.

As a leader in the research and development of new scientific methods, we explore the benefits and risks of medicines to help minimize harm to patients, and offer products and services used by health authorities and life-science companies worldwide.

Our unique expertise makes us an organisation with the capacity to transform patient safety from an ambition into a reality. For almost 40 years, we have provided scientific leadership and operational support to the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring, expanding the global pharmacovigilance network to reach more than 95% of world’s population.

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