Mental health and addiction programme hosts AUT students

3 Oct 2018 | Mental Health & Addiction Quality Improvement

Auckland University of Technology students Nicole Olivieri and Alisi Fangupo have been learning about the challenges of the mental health and addiction sector during their placement with the mental health and addiction quality improvement programme.

AUT students Oct 2018

AUT students, Nicole Olivieri and Alisi Fangupo.

'I’m interested in health management and the ways we can improve health outcomes,' says Nicole. 'So this placement has been perfect. I had a meeting with my paper leader and explained my areas of interest, he then placed us at the Commission.'

'My favourite thing about Mondays at the Commission is our two o’clock meetings which offer presentations on health issues and information about New Zealand,' says Alisi.

'What I have enjoyed most about my placement is the extensive knowledge I have gained throughout the little time I have been here. I have learnt and have gained an insight into the processes of the programme.'

The connecting care co-design workshop was a real highlight for the two students.

'It was great learning for us about how to involve all stakeholders in co-design processes,' says Nicole.

Alisi and Nicole are looking forward to finishing their degree in November, and finding work in the health sector. Nicole also has another big event to contend with – the birth of her second baby!

Last updated 09/10/2018