Ngā Poutama Oranga Hinengaro 2019: a survey of mental health and addiction consumers, family & whānau experience

Welcome to the landing page of our upcoming consumer, family and whānau experience survey! A link will be available on this landing page once the survey goes live, for people to participate in the survey if they meet the inclusion criteria.

Additional information about the survey will be posted here.

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On 1 September 2019, Ngā Poutama Oranga Hinengaro 2019: a survey of mental health and addiction consumers, family & whānau experience will launch. This survey will capture a baseline snapshot of the experiences of people who have recently used district health board-based mental health and addiction (MHA) services, their families and whānau.

Ngā Poutama 2019 is being delivered by Mobius Research & Strategy Limited on behalf of the Health Quality & Safety Commission, as part of the national quality improvement programme for MHA. This survey is crucially important to all of the programme’s work, as we believe that it is vital that service quality improvement is informed and prioritised by consumer, family and whānau voices. Survey results will be shared with the sector and used to support consumer, family and whānau-centred approaches to quality improvement in MHA. The 2019 survey will also allow us to measure change over time; as we will repeat it, in around two years, to monitor changes in consumer, family and whānau experience.

The consumer, family & whānau experience survey results will complement the findings of our staff survey; Ngā Poutama Oranga Hinengaro Quality in Context in MHA services 2018: survey of MHA staff.

This survey successfully included the views of over 2,500 MHA staff and has been used to inform quality improvement in services. Feedback on the staff survey results highlighted the importance of adding information about the consumer, family and whānau experience of using MHA services. Hence we are carrying out this new survey in the second half of 2019.

The Commission has experience in conducting large surveys, with both inpatient and primary care surveys conducted on an ongoing basis, since 2014 and 2016, respectively. We will draw from the proven methodology developed in this work. Participation in the survey will be voluntary and anonymous. Survey results will not be able to be used to identify people who completed the survey. Survey data will not be linkable to health records or other identifying information. Health providers will not collect, store or have access to raw individual-level data. Results of the survey will be made widely available, early in 2020.

Last updated 19/07/2019