The Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee (CYMRC) is a statutory committee accountable to the Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC).

The focus of the committee is to advise the HQSC on how to reduce preventable deaths of New Zealand children and youth aged 28 days to 25 years.

The CYMRC meets four times a year with occasional teleconferences and email exchanges in between. All meeting minutes are confirmed by the CYMRC and signed off by the Chair.

The CYMRC aims to collect a standard set of information for every New Zealand child and youth who dies. Reviewing this information can help identify:

  • national trends and patterns of illness, incidents and accidents leading to death which may indicate where health, education, social or environmental systems are not functioning to protect children and young people
  • policies and initiatives agencies can develop to keep children and young people safe and healthy.

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Last updated 20/07/2017