Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is Australiaadv's national agency for health and welfare statistics and information.

Change for our Children external link (
Change for our Children is on a mission to build a strong culture of respect for children that is visible in our country's systems and services, conversations and communities, hearts and homes.

Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee external link (
The South Australia Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee (CDSIRC) was established in accordance with February 2006 legislation.  This legislation is contained in Part 7C of the Children’s Protection Act 1993. The Committee’s role is to help prevent death and serious injury to children now and in the future.

Child, Youth and Family external link (
This site is a focus for promoting the wellbeing and safety of children and supporting positive parenting. Child, Youth and Family is a service of the Ministry of Social Development, and is part of a network of agencies aiming to build an environment where child abuse is not tolerated.

Children's Commisioner external link (
The Children's Commissioner speaks out on behalf of all children to ensure their rights are respected and upheld.

Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity external link (
The Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity (CCOPMM) was established in 1962 under the Health Act 1958 (Vic), and is the advisory body to Australia's Minister of Health on maternal, perinatal and paediatric deaths.

Coronial Services of New Zealand external link (
The Coronial Services of New Zealand serves the community through investigating circumstances and causes of death in a respectful and professional manner. The findings of these investigations will be used to make recommendations for the improvement of public safety and to prevent deaths in similar circumstances.

When Someone Dies: A Guide to Coronial Services in New Zealand
A booklet for those dealing with the death of a loved one. This beautifully presented booklet explains the coroners process including the people involved, the role of the Police and reasons for post-mortem examinations. Also covered are practical matters such as death certificates, identification of the deceased and support for the bereaved.

Community Investment

Community Investment (a new group in the Ministry of Social Development) works with other government and non-government agencies, and communities to give families access to information and coordinated social services. 

Franklin Family Support Services e-magazine, The Thread (
The purpose of this publication is to increase family support networks and promote korero in the social and health sectors for this group. We are all here to empower individuals, improve circumstances and enable a brighter future for all who come to our organisations, agencies and groups. The name “The Thread” originated because of the clear bind that ties us together. We are all working to a common goal and at the heart of our intention are the people of New Zealand.

International Society for the Study and Prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death external link (ISPID) (
The International Society for the Study and Prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death is a not-for-profit organisation that is leading the world in discovering evidence-based preventive measures for stillbirth and infant death. ISPID is also working to promote improved quality and standardisation of care for affected parents.

Keeping Kids Safe external link (
This is a great section with information on how to choose safe products and learn to use them safely so you can help keep your kids safe.

Kidshealth external link (
Kidshealth is a child and youth health information website to support parents and health professionals. The site is a joint initiative between the Starship Foundation and the Paediatric Society of New Zealand. The website includes information on water safety external link.

Lullaby Trust external link (

The Lullaby Trust provides specialist support for bereaved families, promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep and raises awareness on sudden infant death.

Mental Health Foundation (
The Mental Health Foundation develops information resources to support people who are worried about their own suicide risk or the suicide risk of someone close to them. It includes information about what to do if you are worried about someone, what to do if you are having suicidal thoughts or after a suicide attempt, and information about self-harm.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs external link (
The Ministry's primary role is to create an environment that promotes good and accurate information flows between suppliers and consumers so that consumers can transact with confidence.

Ministry of Health external link (
The Ministry of Health aims to ensure that the health and disability system works for all New Zealanders.

National SIDS Council of Australia external link (
The National SIDS Council of Australia (SIDS and Kids) is a not-for-profit organisation comprising a National Office based in Melbourne with the National Research and Programs Unit largely based in Canberra, and nine Member Organisations across Australia.
The role of the organisation is to:

  • research into the possible causes of SIDS
  • undertake an education program derived from the research
  • advocate for and fund research into stillbirth
  • maintain the focus on SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping
  • provide bereavement support and counselling for families.

New South Wales Child Death Review Team external link (
The NSW Commission for Children and Young People is an independent organisation working with others to make NSW a better place for children and young people.

Paediatric Society of New Zealand external link (
The Society aims to stimulate interest in and to promote the scientific study of child health and Paediatrics in New Zealand, and to engage in all activities which, in the opinion of the Society, may be necessary from time to time in the interests of child health.

Parents’ Guide to First Aid (
This parent's guide to first aid was developed by Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification (ACLS, in USA), but the site has since moved to its parent website, the national CPR association. While the CYMRC did not participate in writing this resource and has not officially endorsed it, CYMRC stakeholders have told us that they found this site to be very informative. 

Royal New Zealand Plunket Society external link (
Plunket, is one of New Zealand’s providers of services to support the health and development of children under five. Plunket has a nationwide network of local rooms and mobile clinics. Plunket is a not-for-profit society with clinical staff and volunteers.

Safekids New Zealand external link (
Safekids New Zealand’s mission is to reduce the incidence and severity of unintentional injuries to New Zealand's children aged 0 - 14 years.

Skylight external link (
Skylight provides unique support to children, young people and their families/whānau through change, loss, trauma and grief - whatever the cause.

Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (formerly the Families Commission) 
The Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (formerly the Families Commission) is an advocate for the interests of New Zealand families. Its purpose is to increase the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they make better decisions – about funding, policies or services – to improve the lives of New Zealand's communities, families and whānau.

Strengthening Families external link (
Strengthening Families provides coordinated support for families who are working with more than two organisations. The organisations and the family work together to develop joint solutions, rather than each organisation dealing with one part of the problem and never seeing the bigger picture.

Suicide Prevention external link (
This Ministry of Health webpage gives information and links to more information about the types of support services and/or resources needed by families, whānau and significant others bereaved by suicide (postvention) and for those affected by a suicide attempt (post-attempt).

TAHA Well Pacific Mother and Infant Service external link (
The Pacific Health Programme, in the Department of Māori and Pacific Health at the University of Auckland, developed a SUDI prevention programme for Pacific families in Auckland.

The Lowdown external link (
This interactive website has been created to help young New Zealanders understand and recover from depression.

Whakawhetu: National SUDI Prevention for Māori external link (
Whakawhetu's role is to provide leadership to other national organisations and support in regions with a high incidence of SUDI for Māori. The organisation delivers national and regional services that focus on co-ordination and provision of evidence based research with the purpose of assisting whānau, health professionals and communities to reduce the incidence of SIDS/SUDI.

0800 What's Up (
0800 WHATSUP (0800 9428787) is a free telephone and chat counselling service. All children and young people aged between 5 and 18 in New Zealand can chat from 7am–11pm and call free from 1–11pm (seven days a week).

Youth Health: A Guide to Action external link
This Ministry of Health document proposes a plan of action to improve the health of New Zealand's 12 to 24 year olds. It sets out goals, objectives and specific actions aimed at doing this.

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