Global study confirms high youth mortality rate

27 Apr 2012 | Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee

A recent article in The Lancet confirms high suicide rates among New Zealand’s young people, who also face high mortality rates compared to many other developed countries. Road safety is also a significant concern, with young women and men in New Zealand having some of the highest rates for road death in the developed world. 

The article, Health of the World's Adolescents: a synthesis of internationally comparable data, compares international health indicators. It looked at factors affecting the health of young people worldwide. 

The study concludes that improving access to education and employment and improving road safety for teens are some of the best ways to improve adolescent health. 

For further context, see some of the work undertaken by the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee, which reviews the deaths of children and young people aged from 28 days to 24 years old. 

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Last updated 27/04/2012