Housing New Zealand project improves safety for children in driveways

2 May 2013 | Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee

In September 2011 the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee (CYMRC) released a report examining deaths from low speed run overs and ways of preventing them. Committee Chair Dr Nick Baker says about five children die because of low speed run over in New Zealand each year – and most of these deaths happen on the driveways of their own home. The report, Low Speed Run Over Mortality, is available by clicking the link below.

Housing New Zealand began a multi-million dollar fencing and landscaping programme at thousands of properties with children, after figures revealing the familiar New Zealand post-war bungalow with a big lawn and a long driveway down the side – poses one of the greatest risks to small children of being run over by a reversing car. The CYMRC is delighted to see that Housing New Zealand is taking action along the lines in their report.

Read the full article on the Housing New Zealand project here.

Last updated 03/05/2013