Call for nominations for the Family Violence Death Review Committee [closed]

18 Dec 2015 | Family Violence Death Review Committee

The Health Quality & Safety Commission Board is seeking a consumer member to join the Family Violence Death Review Committee.

Nominations close on Friday 15 January 2016 at 5pm

The Family Violence Death Review Committee is a mortality review committee established under Section 59e of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. The Committee is required to review and report on family violence deaths, with a view to reducing their number.

There are a range of personal attributes, experience and skills that will be considered when shortlisting potential candidates.

Personal attributes

  • personal experience of losing a family member to family violence
  • has reflected, put time between, and reached a stage in the healing process where they are able to discuss their personal experience without re-triggering distress
  • understanding of complexities of family violence and commitment to preventing family violence
  • ability to apply family violence experience to the work of the Committee; understand implications for general safety and confidentiality around FVDRC material
  • well networked with other families who have experienced family violence and able to bring differing perspectives to the Committee
  • can speak confidently in public about their own and others experiences and the work of the Committee from an experienced perspective
  • has a track record of working with agencies around family violence and maintaining positive working relationships while respectful of different ethnicities and different cultural backgrounds.

Experience and skills

  • ability to critically analyse, read reports and recommendations and offer input in respect of these; contribute to implementation of recommendations
  • experience in preparing for meetings
  • understanding how the work of the Committee interfaces with government
  • ensure their contribution is consistent with the values of the Committee
  • innovative and solution-focused; ability to think strategically about systems improvement
  • experience in working as a team
  • ability to provide a lived-experience voice to the Committee, ensuring that this perspective informs a Committee discussions
  • ability to attend four full-day meetings per year (in Wellington and Auckland); with adequate preparation to enable active contribution and ensure Committee business proceeds smoothly

Applicants should be aware that any personal or group claims they are participating in, for example with an IPCA, DHB, or the Health and Disability Commissioner, should be disclosed.

If you would like to nominate any suitable candidates, please email Dez McCormack ( If you would like to apply directly, without nomination, please complete the Application Form following and provide a current curriculum vitae, to the same address. Nominations close on Friday 15 January 2016 at 5pm.


Last updated 11/05/2016