The Family Violence Death Review Committee’s Second Report October 2009 to November 2011

13 Jan 2012 | Family Violence Death Review Committee

Each year between one-third and one-half of all homicides in New Zealand are the result of violence within families. In 2010, 26 people in New Zealand were killed directly by members of their own family.

A family violence death review is a systematic analysis of the lives of victims, perpetrators and their families, as well as events leading up to and factors surrounding family violence deaths, with the purpose of identifying changes and enhancements to systems, policies and services to prevent future deaths. Over the past three years the FVDRC has worked to develop robust review systems with a clear focus on prevention.

From here the FVDRC intends to establish standing review panels in up to seven geographical areas across New Zealand, with each panel having capacity to review all of the family violence deaths occurring in their region, within 12 months of each death. More detail about our path forward is set out in this report.


Last updated 30/01/2012