Submission on the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children

8 May 2012 | Family Violence Death Review Committee

 Key themes in this submission

  •  Children’s emotional wellbeing and physical safety needs to be the paramount concern in all governmental and non-governmental agency decisions.
  • A whole-of-family approach needs to be taken to family violence.
  • Children’s needs are best met through a whole-of-government approach, underpinned by legislation, and supported by a cross-party agreement for action on vulnerable children.
  • Workforce development is a priority.
  • Universal services, including health and education, need to have a minimum training and understanding around care and protection issues and take responsibility for early detection and intervention of child abuse and neglect.
  • Decisions about the risks posed to vulnerable children are best made through robust multi-agency working and decision making processes.
  • Information sharing is one of the critical components of multi-agency working.
  • When working with vulnerable children and their whānau from Māori, Pacific Island, Asian and other ethnic groups, it is important that processes and practices are culturally appropriate throughout the system at all levels.
  • Creating an effective system to address the needs of vulnerable children will require a significant level of both financial and human capital investment over the medium to long term.

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