Presentations from the 'Working towards safer beginnings' workshop

19 Jun 2013 | Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee

Powerpoint presentation title
0930 Official welcome and introduction Professor Cindy Farquhar Safe Beginnings
0940 What's in this year's report? Dr Lynn Sadler The PMMRC 7th Report
1010 Perinatal mortality in New Zealand: Reflections from the UK Professor Marian Knight

Perinatal Mortality in New Zealand: Personal reflections from the UK perspective

1055 Congenital abnormalities and perinatal mortality in 2010 Nicola Arroll Can we improve the prevention, detection and management of
congenital abnormalities?
1130 Remarks from the Minister of Health Hon Tony Ryall Read Hon Tony Ryall's speech notes
1140 Two years of neonatal mortality and morbidity review in New Zealand Professor Frank Bloomfield Neonatal mortality and morbidity review in New Zealand
1210 The Counties Manukau review Sarah Wadsworth & Thelma Thompson  
1230 Sands update Linda Penlington  
1345 Looking after babies in labour: optimal intrapartum care Dr Robyn Maude  
1405 Multiple pregnancies: what can go wrong? Dr Rosemary Reid  
1425 Management of postpartum haemorrhage Dr Claire McLintock  
1445 Post mortems Dr Jane Zuccollo Post mortems: Why do we do them? Can we do more?
1505 Find a midwife scheme Alison Eddy Introducing the find your midwife scheme
1540 Lessons from UKOSS: what messages are there for NZ? Marian Knight

Lessons from UKOSS: What messages are there for NZ?

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