The College of Nurses welcomes POMRC report

20 Feb 2012 | Perioperative Mortality Review Committee

The College of Nurses, Aotearoa actively welcomes the report of the Perioperative Mortality Review Committee (POMRC).  It provides an excellent and timely foundation for essential ongoing work

When collection and access to data is improved the test will be how the data is used to improve safety and provide the public (and Boards) with assurance.  Understanding the cause of death offers the potential to address important areas for prevention.

We are especially glad to see the beginning of a whole of systems approach.  We also strongly support the conclusion that quantitative data needs further supplementation from qualitative peer review in order to understand the multitude of factors, which combine to produce adverse outcomes.

Internationally nursing already has significant research evidence, which clearly explains the nursing role in reducing or preventing post-operative mortality.  We look forward to ongoing work that includes that research now that this important platform is completed.

Dr. Jenny Carryer

Last updated 12/03/2012