Carla na Nagara Director, Suicide Prevention Office, Ministry of Health

Carla studied sociology, Māori studies and law at Victoria University of Wellington. She worked in primarily in research, lecturing and policy analysis before practicing law from 2000. Carla was appointed a coroner in 2007, developing a particular interest in the social, cultural and familial backgrounds of young people who died by suicide. She found this as being directly relevant to establishing the circumstances of death. In the context of these inquiries, Carla explored ways to work with young people to identify ways to reduce deaths by suicide. In November 2019 Carla was appointed as Director of the newly established Suicide Prevention Office.

Morag McDowell Coroner, Ministry of Justice

Morag studied English literature and law at Auckland University. She obtained a Master of Laws with an emphasis on medical law, and her subsequent practice as a lawyer was largely in the medico-legal arena. Morag has worked as a law lecturer, Crown Prosecutor, for Crown Law, and was the Director of Proceedings for the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Office. In 2007 Morag was appointed as a Coroner for the Auckland region, and in that role has conducted many inquiries into the cause and circumstances of sudden, unexplained and unexpected deaths, including suicide. Morag has developed a particular interest in therapeutic jurisprudence - considering the impact that the law and legal processes have on its participants. She was a member of the expert advisory panel for the pilot of the Suicide Mortality Review Committee.

Last updated 10/01/2020