Suicide Mortality Review Committee draft report consultation

17 Jul 2015 | Suicide Mortality Review Committee

The trial Suicide Mortality Review Committee (SUMRC) has completed consultation on its draft report.

Data were received from ten government agencies, and draft analyses were completed in April 2015. 

Feedback was requested from 56 stakeholders in late May 2015, and 30 responses were received. The vast majority of stakeholders agreed that a longer-term SUMRC should be established, in order to contribute to suicide prevention activities in Aotearoa New Zealand. Other comments related to the potential structure and work plan of any longer-term SUMRC. General feedback, and comments on agency-specific recommendations, were also received. 

The Committee is currently working to update and improve its report based on this consultation. It expects to finalise the report towards the end of 2015.

Contact us at if you would like more information about the SUMRC.

Last updated 17/07/2015