Call for Nominations for the Suicide Mortality Review Committee [closed]

18 Sep 2017 | Suicide Mortality Review Committee

Nominations are now closed


The Board of the Health Quality & Safety Commission is seeking five members to join the Suicide Mortality Review Committee.

The Suicide Mortality Review Committee (the Committee) is a mortality review committee established under Section 59e of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. The Committee will consider self-selected mortality subgroups.

Collectively, the committee will have the following expertise:

  • One member will have relevant consumer experience and will provide a consumer perspective and be well networked to consumer groups.

The other members will have expertise that includes:

  • knowledge of mortality review systems 
  • suicide and suicide prevention 
  • Māori members with experience in Māori suicide issues 
  • Pacific members with experience in Pacific suicide issues
  • suicide issues from a service user/ family perspective 
  • research methods and process, particularly in relation to health and social systems 
  • data and information gathering systems and analysis 
  • clinical experience in mental health and addiction services
  • knowledge and /or experience of the impact these mortalities have on families/whanau
  • knowledge of epidemiology, research and health systems
  • cultural expertise.

The Commission welcomes all applications, particularly from candidates who offer experience in the following areas:

  • Māori, Pacific peoples and immigrant populations cultural expertise
  • an interest in youth mental health and suicide
  • suicide in men of working age

Members will:

  • have the ability to work strategically 
  • have credibility in relevant communities 
  • be drawn from a range of disciplines and contexts including clinicians, health service providers, consumer representatives such as advocacy groups, and people representing Māori and Pacific peoples’ interests.

All members will also have:

  • wide professional or cultural networks
  • strong personal integrity and ethical behaviour
  • commitment to the issues at the heart of the Committee’s business
  • critical appraisal skills
  • highly developed written and oral skills
  • wide life experience
  • respect of peers
  • appropriate clinical or professional experience 
  • ability to engage with the other members of the committee and contribute constructively.

If you would like to nominate any suitable candidates, please complete this form and email Dez McCormack. If you would like to apply directly, without nomination, please complete this Application Form and provide a current curriculum vitae, to the same email address.

Nominations are now closed.

Approximate Timeline

Call for nominations 18 September 2017
Closing date for nominations 20 October 2017
Shortlist of nominees (following review by Secretariat) to the Commission's Appointment Panel and interviews 23 October – 23 November 2017
Board decision 30 November – 1 December 2017
Consultation with the Minister 4 – 8 December 2017
Successful candidates notified 15 December 2017
Unsuccessful candidates notified 15 December 2017




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