Every year in New Zealand on average, 2,000 people are admitted to hospital with major trauma[1]. For those that survive, their injuries can have a profound and lasting impact on their life.

The network has made significant progress towards its three priority areas:

  1. Establish a formal trauma structure and system across New Zealand.
  2. Establish the New Zealand Major Trauma Registry.
  3. Develop consistent guidelines and plans for managing trauma in New Zealand. 

In March 2019, ACC contracted the Commission to provide support to the network.

The Commission has established a trauma programme with three workstreams:

  1. quality improvement
  2. intelligence
  3. research.

The quality improvement workstream focuses on projects in three discrete areas where the Commission hopes improvements in process and/or outcomes can be achieved:

  1. critical haemorrhage
  2. trauma rehabilitation
  3. severe traumatic brain injury.

The projects will be phased over the coming three years.

We are pleased to partner with ACC and the network. Visit the network website for more information.



  1. National Trauma Network (2018). Annual Report 2017/18. URL: https://www.majortrauma.nz/assets/Publication-Resources/Annual-reports/Annual-Report-2017-18.pdf.

Last updated 21/02/2020